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Leadership & Management Certificate Level-I
An Intensive Training Program

Learn to bring out the best in others by applying and adapting your leadership style and managing the conditions that drive team performance.

Duration & Fee

3-Day Commitment

22 Total Hours

Fee:   US$399


Live- Online


Aug 17 = Aug 19,2023

4 Modules

Mod. I   - Taking Charge

Mod. II  - Leading Your Team

Mod. III - Unleashing Your Potential

Mod. IV - Your Network

Prepare for leadership roles after working as an individual contributor or functional specialist.

Who Will Benefit

  • Earl - and Middle-Career Professionals

  • New Leaders

  • Early - Stage of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Key Concepts

  • Understand your motivational drivers, emotional intelligence, and communication methods to establish a personal leadership style

  • Apply or adapt your leadership style to meet specific challenges

  • Manage the conditions that drive team performance

  • Coach colleagues and share feedback in ways that enable them to develop and deliver

  • Take charge of your professional development as you navigate the challenges of transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader


Certificate of Completion

Invigorate your resume with a Certificate of Completion from the USILD

Earn by: completing this course

Certificate of Specialization

Prove your mastery of leadership and management

Earn by: completing any three courses within this subject area to earn a Certificate of Specialization

360° Emotional and Social Competency Inventory

In the first two hours after the course start date, complete a self-assessment and ask colleagues, managers, and/or direct reports to rate you on dimensions of emotional and social intelligence.


Taking Charge

Appreciate how a leader’s self-perception and mindset must change to bring out the best in others and the importance of emotional intelligence in transitioning to a leadership position.

Module I


  1. Stepping into a New Leadership Role

  2. The Work of Leadership Is Different

  3. The Necessary Change

  4. Building Self-Awareness

Featured Exercises

  • Build a foundation of self-awareness through a 360° assessment (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory)

  • Video upload: Record yourself reacting to leadership scenarios

Module II

Leading Your Team

Learn how to manage the conditions that drive team performance through team purpose, composition, processes, and launch.


  1. Setting Up Your Team for Success

  2. Model of Team Effectiveness

  3. Key Challenges to Teams

Module III

Unleashing Potential in Yourself and Others

Understand the dimensions, functions, and drivers of your leadership style and how to apply or expand them to meet specific challenges and motivate your team.


  1. Developing Your Leadership Imprint

  2. Core Functions of Your Leadership Style

  3. Personal Values Questionnaire Self-Assessment

  4. Motivating and Unleashing Capability

Featured Exercises

  • Explore the internal drivers of your motivations as a leader through the Personal Values Questionnaire self-assessment

  • Video upload: Deepen your understanding of how others experience you as a leader through recording yourself and learning from the peer assessment exercise

Module IV

Your Network

Learn techniques for coaching and delivering feedback and how to influence with and without authority. Leverage strategic, operational, and developmental networks, and explore ways to expand and develop them.


  1. Your Network

  2. Managing Up and Down

  3. Managing Your Direct Reports (Coaching)

  4. Adversity and Stress

  5. Rising to Leadership Responsibility

Featured Exercises

  • Practice giving feedback and coaching, and apply dimensions of your leadership style to evaluate effectiveness

  • Create a diagram of your professional network in order to visualize, reflect on, and better utilize professional relationships

  • Reflect on what you’ve learned throughout the course, and consider your personal leadership development plan

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