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Public Financial Management in a Changing World

In the last two decades, we've observed a proliferation of countries around the world which have embraced public financial management reforms. Major part of those nations have not met expectations.

Yet the demand for reform is great, particularly after 2008, as countries came under greater pressure to pursue austerity measures but still deliver government services.

Public Financial Management in a Changing World is an executive program providing a rigorous, evidence-based approach to public financial management. It brings together officials in charge of implementing reforms in their countries along with leading experts from multilateral organizations to examine the challenges associated with successful systemic reform.

Going Beyond the Numbers

This one-week public finance management executive program goes far beyond traditional approaches that have yielded decidedly mixed results. Economic expert practitioners will lead you through a deep examination of what constitutes effective reform. They will also focus on political and organizational change, with an emphasis on national traditions, capacities and needs.

Public Financial Management will provide you with:

  • An empirical understanding of the elements of reform agendas that typically succeed versus those that do not, and an analytical framework for interpreting how and why this differs by country

  • Evidence-based insights about the connection between the quality and the outputs of systems in functional areas such as budgeting, accounting, auditing and procurement

  • Approaches for strategic engagement of stakeholders in reforms and change management

  • A lasting global network of colleagues who share a common understanding of the challenges of reforming public financial management systems

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